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M54B30 Twin Screw Stage 2 (TS2)

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Product Description

The ESS M54B30 TS2 series system is equipped with a Lysholm Twin Screw supercharger which has several advantages over the centrifugal compressors used in earlier ESS M52TU/M54 systems. It creates a higher boost-pressure at lower engine rpm, thus significantly increasing bottom and mid range torque. Lag time during shifts and on-off throttling are reduced to a minimum and the throttle response is incredible. The twin screw principle is also highly energy efficient, which contributes to the extreme power and torque output of the ESS TS Series systems. The patented liquid intercooling system consists of 3X500mm Laminova cores integrated into a high strength cast aluminium ESS intake manifold system covering all 6 cylinders resulting in flow-matched air distribution and optimal cylinder balance along with ultra-efficient cooling capacity for up to 550HP. The liquid intercooler coolant is pumped via a high capacity marine-grade circulation pump through a high capacity front mount heat exchanger. The system also utilizes a throttle body type butterfly air bypass valve to reduce SC parasitic drag and increase fuel economy during cruising conditions. The entire ESS TS system consumes less than 2hp during cruising and it is very energy efficient.

The overall system efficiency, torque delivery, power production, cooling capacity, and room for higher power stages is considerably higher than that of any competitor. The Twin Screw supercharger is the only product on the market today to combine both a positive displacement design for maximum low-end torque and highly efficient top-end horsepower output. Also emission levels at high speed and boost are lower than with other turbo and supercharging systems.

The redesigned ESS MS43/45 engine control software is perfectly calibrated for the TS supercharged engine providing optimum ignition timing under all conditions, recalibrated EGas for quicker throttle response, recalibrated VANOS control and perfectly optimized fuel delivery supplied by 6 larger Bosch fuel injectors also included with the kit. The software also features a 6800RPM rev limit and removed top speed governor.

Power development is 100% smooth and the car behaves just like stock until you demand raw power. Then, the car completely transforms, providing brutal acceleration normally reserved for big displacement performance cars.

The system maintains all OBD-II functions and it is backed by a comprehensive 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty program. The system installs in 8-10 hours using normal hand tools and no irreversible modifications to the car is necessary.

System components:

-Custom ESS Spec Lysholm 1.6L Twin Screw supercharger unit.
-High strength, dual-layer cast aluminum alloy ESS intake manifold with integrated high capacity Laminova based liquid intercooling system.
-Uni-belt SC drive system with additional OEM quality idler pulleys.
-6 larger Bosch fuel injectors.
-Throttle body style butterfly bypass system for superior fuel economy during cruising and optimal throttle response under all conditions.
-Perfectly optimized, dyno tweaked MS43/MS45 ECU software.
-CNC hard anodized brackets and hardware.
-Cast aluminium SC intake system with crankcase fume reduction system designed for boost.
-High temperature, custom made silicone hoses with clamps
-Detailed, step-by-step installation manual
-Heavy-Duty drive belt.
-All required installation hardware included
-2yr./unlimited mileage warranty.

ESS TS Series superchargers gives you the best of both worlds with instant boost, true industry-leading torque AND throttle response, while the ultra high efficiency of the twin-screw gives you maximum top end power. The TS2 is fully upgradeable to TS3.

ESS TS Series superchargers with it's Lysholm supercharger technology and CAD designed intake runners creates boost the instant the throttle is touched usually reaching full boost by ~2200 rpm – long before a centrifugal supercharger commonly even creates 1psi of boost, resulting in breathtaking low-mid range acceleration and it also removes the need to rev the engine high to get good acceleration.

On automatic cars the boost is reduced to 7PSI due to transmission restrictions.

Correction factor for drivetrain loss is 15% above RWHP as seen in dynograph (RWHP/0.85)



Part number: 115-12
Boost pressure: 8 PSI
Horsepower: 345 SAE/350 DIN Manual, 335 SAE/340 DIN Auto, (ZHP vehicles +10HP)
Torque: 317 lb-ft/430 Nm Manual, 302 lb-ft/410 Nm Auto
Installation time : 8-10 hours

Application intended for: E46 330i 330ci, E46 330i ZHP, E60 530i M54, E85 Z4 3.0i M54, E39 530i from 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

Legal in California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway.

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Product Reviews

  1. My 330xi is now a total Beast!!!

    Posted by Perry Wolf on 20th May 2014

    I have to really hand it to the guys at ESS Tuning, these guiys know what they're doing! I find it simply amazing that I could order this supercharger and it comes from Norway, a total amateur like myself can put it in, (their instructions are very throrough), send my ECU to the ESS guys in Arizona who haven't seen my install, car or anything, the ECU can come back flashed and this thing starts up like it was always meant to be there! Simply amazing!

    Now for driving it...My first drive was very deceptive. The power pours on so smoothly I kept thinking it wasn't all that much more powerful than stock, however I kept thinking it was revving too high for the gear I was in, which would be impossible unless I changed the gearing, which I didn't. Ends up I was simply reaching higher revs, and higher speeds in each gear much more quickly than I anticipated!

    Pulls in 3rd gear from 50mph(80kph) to 100mph(160kph) are astoundingly fun! I find myself giggling maniacally each time I put my foot to the floor.

    Gas mileage is better than anticipated, just going by the onboard computer, I used to average 8.9-9.1L/100km with spirited driving, I'm now averaging 9.5L/100km with very spirited driving.

    Special thanks to Hans, Asbjorn and Mike for their help.

    This system is awesome, highly recommended to re-awaken your love afair with your e46!

  2. Great product, great service

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Oct 2011

    Just had the TS2 installed on my 2001 530i. I am 7,000 feet above sea level and we lose 15-20% power due to thinner air.

    The car behaves exactly as it did before the installation but with much more power all through the rev range. The additional low-end torque is particularly impressive. There is a tiny bit more noise from the engine compartment but you have to listen for it. It feels like I have an 8 cylinder engine under the hood.

    The four and not five stars is because the E39 installation is more difficult than the e46 installation and requires some ingenuity to deal with intercooler pump location, air filter box mounting and radiator top hose installation.

    Overall I am very happy.

  3. High performance, good reliability and bexcellent customer service

    Posted by Limpeh on 8th Sep 2011

    I live in asia and I've enjoyed the additional performance from the TS2 on my 530i for more than 3 years now. Although I had issues with my 1st installation, ESS promptly replaced me with another unit once I showed them a video of the problem. Since then, I don't have any issues at all. Fuel efficiency remains approximately the same before TS2. Car remains as refined as stock when driven normally but pulls aggressively when you slam on the gas, outrunning my friend's stock 335i anytime. In start/stop traffic, the intercooler does such a great job in keeping the engine temperature even lower than stock levels. Its a big plus for me driving in an extremely hot climate country in asia.

    If you want reliability, good customer service and enormous performance gains, go for this product.

  4. Better than I dreamed it could be!

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Mar 2010

    Just installed the TS2 on a 2003 330i and my expectations have been exceeded. The car maintains a refined feel with a capacity for brutal acceleration that is instantly accessable. Fuel efficiency is astonishing (22.5 mpg determined by direct measurement and calculation) and this despite some fairly aggressive driving. The car is subjectively much quicker than 335i's that I've driven. The only downside is that the clutch will likely have to be upgraded but with 75,000 miles on the original, it was probably coming due anyway. This one kit will transform your car.